Frostfire (TV Movie) (1994)

After the suicide of a boarder friend, his bother fetches the depressed Nelson Nagarauk home to their tradition-conscious Eskimo family at 69' north. Brandon persuades him to accompany him on a ice-bear hunt, but Nelson turns around soon. On his way back he finds a half-frozen Russian woman from a near-by weather station. He warms her up, but she seems to be very sick otherwise. The next day she's taken away from a helicopter without a word of thank. Later in TV, a different, healthy, woman is shown. What has really happened? With Nelson's help, the ambitious journalist Virginia Ranks starts an investigation, in which Nelson is not only confronted with a military intrigue, but also with his traditional roots, which he ridiculed before.

Mosha Cote....Nelson Nagarauk
Wendy Crewson....Victoria Renko
David Quamaniq....Brendan Nagarauk
August Schmölzer....Fritz Breslau
Robert Clothier....Rupert Kronick
Seporah Q. Ungalaq....Grace Nagarauk
Matthew Walker....Ian Spiers
Jolanta Pyra....Dr. Vera Terescheva
Ivan Mihaylov....Russion Scientist
Irvin Sumter-Frietag....American Scientist
B.J. Barnes....Rose
Gabriel Daniels....Andy
Pearl Martin....Theresa
Abel Kogiak....Joe
Percy Kinney....Phil
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