Front Page Challenge (Series) (1957-1995)

Aka: Daytime Challenge

Front Page Challenge
Front Page Challenge was a long-running weekly news quiz show on CBC. Three regular panelists were joined by a guest panelist every week, and generally two guests were quizzed by the panelists for their identity or the identity of the news story they have been involved with, and then interviewed.

A daytime version hosted by Fred Davis aired with the name Daytime Challenge.

Win Barron .... Host (1957)
Alex Barris .... Host (1957)/Panelist (1957)
Fred Davis .... Host (1957-1995)
Bernard Cowan .... Announcer (1957-????)
Pierre Berton .... Panelist (1957-1995)
Gordon Sinclair .... Panelist (1957-1984)
Toby Robins .... Panelist (1957-1961)
Betty Kennedy .... Panelist (1961-1995)
Allan Fotheringham .... Panelist (1984-1995)
Jack Webster .... Panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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When I compare todays game shows against FPC, I ache. Yes, many of todays game shows are fun, but so was FPC. The difference, FPC was was also EDUCATIONAL! A viewer could actually learn something while having fun.

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