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Friendly Giant, The
The following is a partial list of Friendly Giant episodes. Dates may not always be the original airdates. Some may be repeated episodes.

Sep 30, 1958 - (Debut) Robert Homme, the Friendly Giant, introduces himself and his puppet friends- Jerome the giraffe and Rusty the rooster.

Oct 28, 1958 - The Friendly Giant reads from the book, Georgie, by Robert Bright, the story of a friendly little ghost who has a hard time finding a house to haunt; Rusty the Rooster plans a Hallowe'en surprise, aided by Jerome the Giraffe.

Nov 18, 1958 - Pictures of modern Sweden.

Dec 23, 1958 - The Little Lost Lamb.

Jan 20, 1959 - Friendly visits Mexico to see the adobe huts, the market places, and the people wearing sombreros. He reads a book called Roberto.

May 12, 1959 - Rusty and Jerome play hide-and-seek with Friendly, and afterwards Friendly reads a book about hiding things. It's called "How to Hide A Hippopotamus" and it was written by Volney Crosswell.

Mar 29, 1960 - Friendly reads The Little Fisherman and goes fishing with a bamboo pole.

Mar 30, 1960 - Rusty tries to fly a kite and Friendly reads a story about a Chinese family named Fish.

Jun 21, 1960 - There are millions of animals on the farms today, and Friendly reads a book called "Millions and Millions." Rusty and Jerome discuss the story.

Jun 22, 1960 - This is the final program of the season. Friendly will read the book, "Clever Bill," a story about a little girl who packs her suitcase and sets out for a holiday visit. Rusty is packing his suitcase too, but this suitcase is an amazing one, which holds all the many things in the bookbag.

Nov 2, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) The Friendly Giant takes a visit to the beach.

Dec 14, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly Giant — Friendly reads a story book, "The Things I Like," and Rusty and Jerome talk about familiar, everyday things that they especially like.

Dec 16, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) The Friendly Giant concerns himself with snowflakes, their many different and beautiful shapes. Children are sledding on the hills near the farm, there is a snowman nearby, and a snow plow is clearing the road. Friendly and Rusty admire Jerome's collection of snowflakes in the Big Blue Book.

Dec 26, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) Rusty got some toy soldiers for Christmas and he and Jerome play with them. Friendly reads the story, "Once There Was A General."

Dec 28, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) Rusty has a book called, "Now This, Now That." It points out that things often look like one thing from one angle, and like another thing from a different angle. Friendly, Rusty and Jerome find this an interesting topic of conversation.

Dec 30, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) Since the New Year is about have a Birthday Party, Rusty and Jerome are going to have a party, with noise makers. Friendly reads the story, "All the Mice Came," which is about a surprise party for some mice.

May 10, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) There are things which are hard for some people to do, but easy for others. Friendly, Rusty and Jerome discuss this, and read a book, Is It Hard, Is it Easy?

May 12, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly reads a book. The Elephant's Wish, about how every animal wishes he were a different animal. Rusty, Jerome and Friendly look in on animals in cages at the zoo.

May 29, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly, Rusty and Jerome talk about the wonders of Nature, especially how plants grow from tiny seeds. Friendly reads the book, The Carrot Seed.

May 31, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) It's sunrise on the farm, and a rooster crows when Friendly passes by on his way to the castle. Friendly reads a story called Lucy and Tom's Day.

Jun 2, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly passes a harbor where fishing boats are anchored. Then he reads the story of Emile, a friendly octopus.

Jun 5, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) The Friendly Giant, Rusty and Jerome welcome Angie and Fiddle for a concert in the music room of the castle.

Jun 7, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly reads a story to Rusty and Jerome- All About Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.

Jun 9, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly reads a story, the ABC Bunny.

Aug 2, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly makes a sand castle at the beach, and Friendly and Rusty later play "Green-sleeves".

Aug 7, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Jerome mistakenly tries to "save a duck from drowning," and makes the duck angry. Then he splashes Rusty the Rooster with water, and Rusty becomes angry. Jerome wonders why some birds like water, and others dislike it, so Friendly explains.

Aug 9, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Rusty has baked a pie as a surprise for Jerome, and they read the book, Sing a Song of Sixpence.

Sep 4, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly reads the book, "The Things I Like," and he, Rusty and Jerome discuss things they fancy in particular.

Sep 6, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly, Rusty and Jerome have fun with riddles.

Sep 11, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Friendly plays all his giant pipes, showing how they work and their differences. Rusty accompanies him on the harp and they play some familiar tunes.

Sep 13, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Today Friendly, Rusty and Jerome talk about cows.

Sep 25, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Rusty, Friendly and Jerome look at all kinds of clocks.

Sep 27, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Rusty feels very sad today so Friendly and Jerome try and cheer him up with pictures of animals in his scrap-book.

Dec 25, 1961 - Friendly will be accompanied by Jerome, the giraffe, who dresses up as one of Santa's reindeers, when they entertain their puppet friends at a special Christmas party for children.

Nov 2, 1962 - Rusty plays the guitar.

Dec 3, 1962 - Friendly, Rusty and Jerome read "A is for Anything."

Dec 5, 1962 - Friendly, Rusty and Jerome play guessing games and read "What's Your Name?"

Dec 7, 1962 - Friendly, Rusty and Jerome make up their own versions of familiar fairy stories.

Mar 4, 1963 - Friendly and his friends play "Around and Around" at the music-room concert.

Mar 6, 1963 - Friendly reads "Another Day."

May 20, 1963 - Friendly tells Rusty about elephants.

May 24, 1963 - "The Honker Visits the Island."

Oct 21, 1963 - Rusty has a secret and is reluctant to disclose it.

Oct 22, 1963 - Rusty has a dream about a barking dog and all the different things he did.

Oct 23, 1963 - Friendly and Rusty talk about animals that live on the farm, in the zoo and in the jungle.

Oct 25, 1963 - Friendly speaks of approaching winter; Rusty arrives and they discuss wool coats on sheep.

Nov 12, 1963 - Friendly discovers a donkey on the farm and tells Rusty about it. He thinks that Jerome and the donkey have similar ears.

Nov 13, 1963 - Rusty has a surprise for Friendly. A concert takes place in the music room where Angie plays the piano.

Oct 18, 1965 - Arriving at the castle for his eighth season, Friendly finds Rusty and Jerome ail tired out from rushing to get to the show on time.

Oct 19, 1965 - Story: "Wild and Tame Animals."

Oct 20, 1965 - Friendly, Rusty and Jerome sing "Buckeye Jim," "Bluesette" and "This Old Man."

Oct 22, 1965 - Jerome says a dog frightened him.

Nov 16, 1966 - Friendly, Jerome and Rusty discuss sailing boats on the pond.

Mar 25, 1968 - "A Foal for You"

Mar 26, 1968 - "First Delights"

Apr 28, 1969 - Book: "Buffaloes and Billy Goats."

Apr 29, 1969 - A recorder concert.

Apr 30, 1969 - Book: "Upside-Down Dam."

May 1, 1969 - Book: "The Lion and the Rat."

May 2, 1969 - Mandolin music from Europe.

May 26, 1969 - Book: "The Gingerbread Man."

May 27, 1969 - The gang presents a banjo concert.

May 28, 1969 - Book: "The Blind Man and the Elephant."

May 29, 1969 - Friendly plays music boxes.

May 30, 1969 - Book: "Things to Do."

Jun 9, 1969 - Book: "Billy's Picture." (Rerun)

Jun 10, 1969 - Book: "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." (Rerun)

Jun 11, 1969 - Book: "Why? Because." (Rerun)

Jun 12, 1969 - A concert with bells. (Rerun)

Jun 13, 1969 - Dressup reads about "The House That Jack Built." (Rerun)

Jun 30, 1969 - The gang offers folk songs. (Rerun)

Jul 2, 1969 - Book: "Lengthy." (Rerun)

Jul 3, 1969 - Friendly reads "If You Talked to a Boar." (Rerun)

Jul 4, 1969 - Book: "What's in My Tree?" (Rerun)

Sep 13, 1971 - Book about an albatross. (Repeat)

Sep 14, 1971 - Story about a dog. (Repeat)

Sep 15, 1971 - Book: "A Crowd of Cows." (Repeat)

Sep 16, 1971 - Story about birds. (Repeat)

Oct 23, 1972 - Songs about clocks.

Oct 24, 1972 - Book: "The Little Red House."

Oct 25, 1972 - A recorder and bassoon concert.

Oct 26, 1972 - Songs about animals.

Oct 27, 1972 - A story about a new teacher.

Dec 11, 1972 - "Little Concert"

Sep 10, 1973 - Friendly opens his 15th season with songs about the Old West.

Sep 11, 1973 - Book: "A Is for Anything."

Sep 12, 1973 - All about baby animals.

Sep 13, 1973 - A recorder trio and guitar concert.

Sep 14, 1973 - A book about a boy who swaps things.

Nov 28, 1973 - "Last Years Favourites"

Aug 4, 1980 - "Ben's Trumpet"

Aug 5, 1980 - "Marches for March"

Aug 6, 1980 - "Come Away from The Water, Shirley"

Aug 7, 1980 - "I See Winds"

Aug 8, 1980 - "Pipe Dances"

Aug 11, 1981 - "ABC of Animals"

Aug 12, 1981 - "Familiar Classics"

Aug 13, 1981 - "Fiddle Sticks"

Aug 14, 1981 - "Millicent"

Aug 17, 1981 - "Bear Hunt"

Dec 25, 1981 - "Christmas Morning Snow"

Aug 23, 1982 - "Weather"

Aug 24, 1982 - "My Barber"

Aug 25, 1982 - "Feelings"

Aug 27, 1982 - "A Noisy Book"

Jul 31, 1985 - "Cowboy On The Range"

Aug 1, 1985 - "A Bite To Eat"

Aug 2, 1985 - "Changes, Changes"

Other episodes dates unknown:

"The Tree"

"Ride, Ride, Ride"


"Who's Seen the Scissors"

"Jerome Dances"

"Bonnie Smith Driving Crazy"

"Trains, Boats and Planes"

"Blue as Butterfly"

"Recorder Trio"

"March Concert"

"Christmas Concert"

"Work Songs"

"Jan Thaw"

"Three Book Concert"

"Bunch of Boys"

"Group of Girls"

"Songs British Isles"

"Country Dances"

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