Friendly Giant, The (Series) (1958-1985)

Friendly Giant, The
Bob Homme, as the good-natured Friendly Giant, introduces children to books and helps them see how these can answer their questions and enrich their everyday living. Puppets Jerome the Giraffe and Rusty the Rooster, a good story, a bit of music and relaxed conversation and laughter, make up each 15-minute program.

From 1958 until 1985, Homme wrote and starred in more than 3,000 episodes of The Friendly Giant.

Robert Homme .... The Friendly Giant
Rod Coneybeare .... Rusty/Jerome (Puppeteer)
John & Linda Keogh .... Angie and Fiddle, the Jazz Cats (Puppeteers)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user grantmyster, December 6, 2014
The furniture at the beginning & end are etched in my mind from 40 yrs ago as I really believed at some level that this giant existed in more than my own reality. Then again, I also believed that the Green Giant also was real so I had a kid's imagination for sure.
...and that's a good thing!
byClick here to see the profile of this user dragonfly, December 18, 2009
what can i say about it it was the best kids show on the tv everyone watched it i grew up with Rusty and Jerome i rememeber meeting Bob Homme when i was 7 or 8 yrs old My neighbor builded Bob a canoe so he visited us kids it was awsome and yes he was tall but very friendly
43 yrs later and i still think about that day the Friendly Giant came to my house at that time i lived in Orillia Ontario
Totally unsullied memories of this great show , I heard Bob Homme was given the chance to merchandise characters from the show, and refused saying it was unfair to the kids!! integrity like his came across on screen .Also I remember the bass playing siamese cat going from acoustic to Fender bass just marvelous !
I used to love this show, our children really are missing out on programs like these.
I live in a suburb of New York, USA, and as a child, our local Public Broadcasting Network played The Friendly Giant. I wish there were programs like it on TV today. I miss it's gentle tales and beautiful opening theme. I'm happy I was able to see a few fleeting moments of it online--I've been searching for it ever since I've had my computer. It brought back a flood of memories. Thank you.
The friendly Giant was, and still is (to me )one of the best programs that I enjoy(d) watching. it still makes me feel safe and secure, plus it always kept a smile on my face...And me wanting more of the show. Just like every other child I wanted to get in the castle have a seat and meet the friendly giant.
byClick here to see the profile of this user GothicaRaven, April 26, 2008
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My MOST FAVOURITE show on TV as a small child. I can still remember my Mom calling me to let me know that 'The Friendly Giant's on now!' And I would come running. I loved the theme music even though it was on the melancholic side and I remember being fascinated with the BIG boot!!!
I liked all the charaters and thought Rusty's little 'house' bag was very cool. But it was Jerome who I especially adored; perhaps he's the reason why I love giraffes so much to this day.
And the Castle...oh, I wished I was really THERE. I would have headed straight for the rocking chair!
Then when the show was over and all the chairs rearanged, I remember my eyes would start to moisten when The Friendly Giant put his hand out to say goodbye until next time.
By the time the drawbridge rose up and the cow had jumped over the moon, I would be so sad that the show was over, I would often be in tears, I was that emotionally attached to it.
bySheila, January 5, 2008
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
I always thought the chair "for two to curl up in" was the most awesome thing!
byEd Shoemaker, December 14, 2007
Growing up in the Detroit area, I remember very fondly watching this show. It was fun TV
byKaren McKenzie, November 17, 2007
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
Loved this show!

For those who might be interested, a new authorized biography of The Friendly Giant is out. Look Up - Way Up. The website has some audio clips with Friendly - Bob Homme - being interviewed.
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