Friday Island (Series) (1962-1963)

Friday Island was a fictional Gulf island off Canada's west coast, and was the setting for this adventure series from CBC Vancouver. Friday Island followed the adventures of the Granger family from Ottawa who, while holidaying on the island, decide to establish a lodge there.

Grandpa and Aunt Sophie lived with the Grangers, and Archie and Annabelle ran the general store. Annabelle was the Island's postwoman and Archie sold food at the store.

Writer: Paul Power

Rae Brown .... Aunt Sophie
Kevin Burchett .... "Tadpole" Granger
Lillian Carlson .... Mum Granger
Robert Clothier .... Archie
Reagh Cooper .... Boomer
Mark de Courcey .... Stephen Granger
Mildred Franklin .... Aunt Vi
Niki Lipman .... Barbara
Walter Marsh .... Dad Granger
James Onley .... Grandpa Granger
Barbara Tremain .... Annabelle

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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