French for Love (Series) (1965-1966)

Gerard and Sheila Arthur, the husband and wife team who were heard on CBC radio in Time for French, were the creators and principals of this television series, which presented conversational French for English-speaking audiences. In sketches, with dialogue in both French and English, the Arthurs argued in such a way that the audience could understand the discussion in both languages.

In February 1965 Gerard and Sheila Arthur's places were taken by Felixe Fitzgerald and Paul Hebert. By the start of the second season, however, the Arthurs returned as co-hosts, although the sketches were performed by a series of actors.

Gerard Arthur
Sheila Arthur
Felixe Fitzgerald
Paul Hebert
Carol Zorro
Yvon Dufour
Lise Lasalle
Raymond Cosgrove

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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