Free Willy (Series) (1994)

Free Willy
In this animated series, Jesse gets a job at the marina where he reunites with Willy and Jesse finds he has the power to talk with animals by relaxing his mind. They team up with both human and animal friends to fight The Machine, a half human/robot who's out to pollute the oceans for his own personal gain.

Zachary Bennett .... Jesse
Paul Haddad .... Willy
Gary Krawford .... The Machine (a.k.a Rocklyn Stone)
Alyson Court .... Lucille
Rachael Crawford .... Marlene
Neil Crone .... Mr. Naugle
Michael Fletcher .... Randolph
James Kidnie .... Amphonoids
Ron Len .... Glenn
Sheila McCarthy .... Annie
Andrew Sabiston .... P.R. Frickley
Kevin Zegers .... Einstein
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