Fred Penner's Place (Series) (1984-1996)

Fred Penner's Place
In 1984 the CBC inaugurated the popular children's TV show Fred Penner's Place. The daily series was introduced in the USA on the Nickelodeon cable network in 1989, by which time Penner stood among the leading Canadians in the children's music field.

The young audience joins Fred in his own private place in a forest glade which he reaches through a hollow log. There they are entertained by Fred and his special guests in this very musical series designed to educate and entertain young viewers. Children learn, for example, how plants grow, or how instruments work. Some of Canada's best animation helps them learn French, the alphabet, and how to count. A special feature is the Word Bird, a magic talking bird who gives daily messages to the audience in a kind of "pre-school thought for the day."

The show was produced by Randy Roberts in Winnipeg and Vancouver, with director Phil Kusie. Author, lyricist, composer and broadcaster Pat Patterson was the series writer.

Fred Penner

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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bynick, January 6, 2008
put fred penner's place back on tv from 1985-1993

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