Franklin (Series) (1997-2004)

Franklin is an animated show based on the best-selling books by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark that have sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. Franklin is a young turtle who, along with his animal friends, learns how he fits in the world and how the world fits him. Like most children, Franklin learns by making mistakes. When he fibs, gets lost or acts bossy, he usually finds solutions himself, learning lessons the Franklin way - but also having fun in the process.

Kristen Bone .... Snail
Leah Cudmore .... Beaver
Shirley Douglas .... Narrator
Olivia Garratt .... Goose
Annick Obonsawin .... Skunk
Noah Reid .... Franklin Turtle (voice)
Richard Newman .... Mr. Turtle (voice)
Elizabeth Brown .... Mrs. Turtle (voice)
Cody Jones .... Bear (voice)
Kyle Fairlie .... Rabbit (voice)
Carole Baillien .... Basile (voice)
Donald Burda .... Mr. Bear (voice)
William Colgate .... Mr. Mole (voice)
Gil Filar .... Fox (voice)
Ioanna Gkizas .... Arnaud (voice)
Baptiste Hupin .... Martin (voice)
Alexandre Isaye .... Franklin (voice: French version)
Alice Ley .... Lili (voice)
Lætitia Lienart .... Béatrice (voice)
Bryn McAuley .... Harriet Turtle (voice)
Luca Perlman .... Bear (1998-)
Aurélien Ringelheim .... Raffin (voice)
Nicole Shirer .... Franklin's grandmother (voice)
Amanda Soha .... Beatrice
Myriam Thyrion .... Mme Ragondin (voice)
Chris Wiggins .... Mr. Groundhog
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