Frankie Howerd Show, The (Series) (1976)

The CBC imported British comic Frankie Howerd, who had recently appeared in the BBC series Up Pompeii, to star in a situation comedy to be called Oooh, Canada.' Howerd's shtik was vulgar, typically English toilet humour and the bawdy double entendre, as he usually functioned as a character in the story as well as the show's host and commentator on the action. The premise of the show, which was retitled before it went to the air, held that Howerd played a British immigrant, unemployed in Toronto. Each show offered a different opportunity for Howerd to make a success of himself and to fail. Through the course of the series, he has to confront the different Canadian institutions that might put him on the road to success.

Frankie Howerd .... Frankie
Jack Duffy .... Wally Wheeler
Gary Files .... Mrs. Otterby's Son
Peggy Mahon .... Denise
Ruth Springford .... Mrs. Otterby

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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