Fraggle Rock (Series) (1987-1988)

Aka: Animé Fraggle Rock, Les; Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series

Fraggle Rock
Animated version of the popular Muppet series "Fraggle Rock". As in the original, the Fraggles are a group of odd creatures that live underground with the workaholic Doozers, while trying to avoid the giant Gorge's and the people in the human world.

Bob Bergen .... Wembley/Additional Voices
Townsend Coleman .... Gobo/Wrench/Architect
Barbara Goodson .... Red Fraggle
Mona Marshall .... Mokey/Cotterpin
Patrick Pinney .... Pa Gorge/Travelling Uncle Matt/Flange
John Stephenson .... Doc/Philo/Grunge
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