Fraggle Rock (Series) (1983-1987)

Fraggle Rock
Doc and his dog Sprocket have a hole in their wall, behind which live little furry creatures known as Fraggles in a place called Fraggle Rock. The Rock is also home to the Doozers (who are knee-high to a Fraggle) and the Gorgs (who are giants that think they rule the Rock). One gang of Fraggles (Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red), under the guidance of the all-knowing Trash Heap (Marjorie), learn about each other and their neighbours and eventually befriend the Doozers, the Gorgs--and even Doc and Sprocket. Meanwhile, Gobo's Uncle Matt explores Outer Space (our world) and sends postcards to his nephew about the Silly Creatures (that's us).

Gerard Parkes .... 'Doc'
Jerry Nelson .... Gobo Fraggle/Marjorie the Trash Heap/Pa Gorg
Steve Whitmire .... Wembley Fraggle/Sprocket the Dog
Dave Goelz .... Boober Fraggle/Philo/Travelling Uncle Matt
Kathryn Mullen .... Mokey Fraggle/Cotterpin Doozer
Karen Prell .... Red Fraggle
Richard Hunt .... Junior Gorg/Gunge/Turbo/Wizard
Jim Henson .... Cantus the Minstrel/Convincing John
Fulton Mackay .... Captain
Terry Angus .... Storyteller/Brio Minstrel/Morris Fraggles
Lee Armstrong .... Muppet Performer
Myra Fried .... Ma Gorg (1983)
John Gordon Sinclair .... Presenter
Tim Gosley .... Muppet Performer
Patricia Leeper .... Muppet Performer
Robert Mills .... Muppet Performer
John Pattison .... Muppet Performer
Gordon Robertson .... Muppet Performer
Michel Robin .... Doc (French Version)
Sandra Shamas .... Yeaster Doozer
Bob Stutt .... Muppet Performer
Tom Vandenberg .... Muppet Performer
Cheryl Wagner .... Ma Gorg (1984-1987)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byjotashbinky, May 16, 2007
Most excellent kids show...
The trash heap has spoken!!!!neh!

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