For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (TV Movie) (1996)

For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down
Jerry Bines is trying to live down a past that includes killing a man (in self-defence), theft and an alcoholic, abusive father. He sees hope for redemption by providing life-giving bone marrow to his leukemia-stricken son. But time is running out because an escaped killer (Gary Percy Rils) is coming to town to exact revenge for ancient sins. And like the old buck in a backwoods tale he spins for his kid, Bines must stop running and turn to face his hunter.

Callum Keith Rennie....Jerry Bines
Brooke Johnson....Loretta
Niklas Konowal....Willie
Brent Stait....Gary Percy Rils
Michael Hogan....Alvin
Nancy Beatty....Franny
Paul Jarrett....Ralphie
Kelli Fox....Adele
Maggie Huculak....Vera
Jonathon Whittaker....Nevin
David Brown....Officer Petrie
Laura Harris....Lucy Bines
Pauline Broderick....Mother in Car
Robb Paterson....Dr. Lem
Vic Cowie....Doctor
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