For Kids Only (Series) (1978-1979)

For Kids Only, which turned up weekday afternoons on CBC, was a series that was mostly new and partly old. On Mondays, there was a teenage variety series called Catch Up! with Christopher Ward as the host. On Wednesdays, the series became a TV magazine devoted to features and fun. For Kids Only Specials, on Fridays, were half-hour dramas and documentaries on such topics as young achievers, space and spying. Tuesdays and Thursdays, For Kids Only was an "umbrella title," under which Pencil Box and What's New? respectively huddled. The magazine program resulted from contributions and suggestions from young viewers from the southern Ontario area. Children also acted as on-camera interviewers, and discussed the results of their work for the program on the show.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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