Foolish Heart (Series) (1999)

Foolish Heart
Foolish Heart was a Canadian television series, which aired on the CBC in 1999. The series, a short run dramatic anthology, was produced and written by Ken Finkleman following his earlier series The Newsroom and More Tears.

Although the episodes were linked by character interactions, each of the series' six episodes focused on a different character's family or romantic relationship problems. Finkleman also starred in the series as George Findlay, the same character he had played in The Newsroom and More Tears.

Ken Finkleman .... Peter/George Findlay
Sarah Strange .... Barbara/Kate
Clare Sims .... Louisa
Arsinée Khanjian .... Lena
Eugene Lipinski .... The Owner
Patricia O'Callaghan .... The Singer
Patrick Olafson-Henault .... Jean-Pierre
Ronn Sarosiak .... First A.D.
Shant Srabian .... Groom

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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