Flashback (Series) (1962-1968)

A half-hour panel game show, with a formula similar to Front Page Challenge's, Flashback held down a Sunday evening time slot for six years. Instead of having to guess a headline, Flashback's four panelists (three regulars, one weekly guest) had three minutes to identify a person, object, or fad from the past, and then interviewed the mystery guest after the quiz was done. Viewers participated by contributing suggestions for the quiz, for which they were paid twenty-five dollars if the panel guessed correctly and fifty dollars if the panel went home stumped.

Paul Soles .... Host (1962-1963)
Bill Walker .... Host (1963-1966)
Jimmy Tapp .... Host (1966-1968)
Allan Manings .... panelist (1962-1966)
Alan Millar .... panelist (1962-1964)
Maggie Morris .... panelist (1962-1968)
Larry Solway .... panelist (1966-1968)
Elwy Yost .... panelist (1964-1968)
Donnalu Wigmore .... panelist
Elaine Grand .... panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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