Flash Gordon (Series) (1996-1997)

Flash Gordon
Based on the popular Flash Gordon comic, film, and tevlevision series, this cartoon uses the same characters. Flash, Dale Arden, Princess Aura, and Ming the Merciless all return in animated form for this half-hour cartoon.

Lawrence Bayne .... (voice)
Lorne Kennedy .... (voice)
Julie Lemieux .... (voice)
Andy Marshall .... (voice)
Tyrone Benskin .... (voice)
Rob Cohen .... (voice)
Shirley Douglas .... (voice)
Tracey Hoyt .... (voice)
Ray Landry .... (voice)
Marjorie Malpass .... (voice)
Toby Proctor .... Alex 'Flash' Gordon (voice)
Lexa Doig .... Dale Arden (voice)
Paul Shaffer .... Dr. Hans Zarkov
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