Flash Forward (Series) (1996-1997)

Flash Forward
Tucker and Becca are close friends. So close that they live next door to one another with facing second story windows and share a birthday. Tucker is at times an absent minded goof-off while Becca tends to be opinated and in a hurry to grow up. Now in middle school, they find themselves caught in everyday events that turn into comical adventures. Throughout the show, Tucker, Becca, and their friends speak directly to the audience, telling the story as they remember how much more simple everything was when they were five. If they can survive junior high, then their friendship can survive anything.

Ben Foster .... Tucker 'Tuck' James
Jewel Staite .... Rebecca "Becca" Fisher
Asia Vieira .... Christine 'Chris' Harrison
Theodore Borders .... Miles Vaughn
Ricky Mabe .... Horace James (Tucker's Brother)
Robin Brûlé .... Ellen Fisher (episodes 5-26)
Larry Mannell .... Ken James (Tucker's Dad)
Ellen-Ray Hennessy .... Callie James (Tucker's Mom)
Mark Melymick .... Bryan Fisher (Becca's Dad)
Stuart Stone .... Jack Debbens
Caley Wilson .... Gooch the Pizza Maker
Jilana Stewart .... Kerry Rogers
Rachel Blanchard .... Ellen Fisher (episodes 1-4)
Corinne Conley .... Miss Pratt
Don Dickinson .... Principal Petrowski/Coach Petrowski
Marc Donato .... Tucker James (age 5)
Maia Filar .... Abbie Lee Cooper
Melody Johnson .... Maxine 'Max' Morrow
Kris Lemche .... Zed Goldhawk
Matthew Lemche .... Roland Nembhard
Jennifer Pisana .... Becca Fisher (age 5)
Amanda Tapping .... Miss Yansouni

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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