Flappers (Series) (1979-1981)

The Me Decade totters to a close with a series set in the Whee Decade—the Roaring Twenties. May Lamb is the flustered owner of Le Club, a raffish Montreal nightspot she's barely old enough to drink in. She's pert, prim and all too naive for the staff, which includes Oscar, the tyrannical chef, who dabbles in foreign aid (to the States and in bottles); Uncle Rummy, the snobbish, social-climbing, Francophobic maitre d'; Robert, the cute waiter and assistant rumrunner; Francine, the motherly vegetable cook; Yvonne-Marie, the cheerfully abandoned cigarette girl, who moonlights jumping out of cakes; Bunny, the cheerfully dumb singer; and Andy, the hard-boiled piano player. Together they face problems like nosy reporters, a surprise visit by the Prince of Wales and lustful lounge lizards, while the music goes voe-de-o-doe.

Andrée Cousineau .... Yvonne-Marie
Gail Dahms .... Bunny
Victor Désy .... Oscar
Denise Proulx .... Francine
Susan Roman .... May Lamb
Dawn Greenhalgh .... Consuella
Michael Donaghue .... Andy
Edward Atienza .... Uncle Rummy (1979-1980)
Robert Lalonde .... Robert
Derek McGrath .... Sam McTaggart
Richard Partington .... Tom
Roger Michael .... Normand Dupont
Monica Parker .... Mrs. Millet

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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