Fit Stop, The (Series) (1974-1975)

Fit Stop, The
The CBC's Schools and Youth department created this half-hour program because, reports said, Canadian young people were among the least fit in the world. The Fit Stop tried to redress the imbalance. The hosts talked with experts on the subjects of physical fitness and sports for children. The show, which stressed inexpensive activities, included instruction in tennis, badminton, skiing, and other sports. The Fit Stop also featured puppets: a hockey helmet, a football helmet, a bottle of linament, an old shoe, and a knapsack, all of which talked.

The second season added as a regular feature a progressive exercise program designed by Dr. Bruce Taylor of York University. Viewers started with gentle movements and, over the thirteen weeks of the series, graduated to more strenuous activities.

Jan Tennant....Co-host
Clarke Wallace....Co-host
Noreen Young....Puppeteer
Dr. Bryce Taylor

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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