Fishing with Shelley & Courtney (Series) (1995- )

Aka: Get Out! With Shelley and Courtney (new title)

Fishing with Shelley & Courtney
For 10 years, Shelley Bancroft and Courtney Hatfield have been bringing the best of west coast and international fishing to television screens across North America, with their award winning show Fishing with Shelley & Courtney.

10 years, 182 episodes! A lot of good times, but also time for a change…

Shelley and Courtney have partnered up with renowned television production company Big Red Barn Entertainment, and will soon be bringing a brand new show to viewers in North America and beyond. But for those of you who loved the old show, not to worry.

Get Out! With Shelley and Courtney is still a show built around fishing, but we’re broadening the scope of the show to encompass the entire outdoor experience.

The show, produced in a documentary style, will allow Shelley and Courtney to build a more personal relationship with the viewer, while at the same time highlighting the aspects of getting out fishing that makes it so popular with all of us. We’ll also be doing more special segments, discovering and uncovering the how’s, why’s and where’s of the outdoors.

Shelley Todd
Courtney Hatfield
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