Final Run (TV Movie) (1999)

Final Run
The Grand Royale, a new high-tech passenger train with a computerized engine, from Americana Rail, suffers heavy technical problems after the engineer spills some soda on the circuits. The train loses total control and accelerates at 2 miles per minute. The only one who could save the 200 passengers is Lucky Singer.

Robert Urich....Glen 'Lucky' Singer
Patricia Kalember....Connie Phipps-Singer
John de Lancie....George Bouchard
Cathy Lee Crosby....Sandy Holmestead
Udo Kier....Reddick, Train Control Supervisor
Scott Vickaryous....Scott Sparkman
Stephen E. Miller....Lt. Col. Frank O'Hearn
Malcolm Stewart....Senator Brumfest
Robert Wisden....Charlie, Train Attendant
Joel Palmer....Kevin Singer
Ingrid Kavelaars....April McDonald
Jason Schombing....Wilson Fitch, Train Controller
Elysa Hogg....Emily
Malcolm Scott....Earl Hobkins, Train Driver
Alf Humphreys....Ben Hofflund
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