Final Offer (Documentary) (1985)

Aka: La Dernière offre (French Title); Final Offer: Bob White and the Canadian Auto Workers Fight for Independence

Final Offer
Final Offer is the most comprehensive and candid look at collective bargaining on film. It takes viewers on an eye-opening journey behind the closed doors and into the smoke-filled rooms where labor and management negotiate.

The filmmakers follow Bob White, president of the Canadian UAW, through the landmark auto strike at General Motors. We look on as White strategizes with his advisors, fields the angry demands of his members, and makes offers, threats and counter-offers during marathon bargaining sessions. We share the caffeine-frayed nerves, the mind-numbing exhaustion and the salty language which are the stuff of collective bargaining.

The filmmakers also gained unrestricted access to GM's plants. They vividly capture the daily shopfloor skirmishes and tensions which comprise the subtext of labor negotiations. Remarkably, the filmmakers are even present when White and the chief GM negotiator strike a deal while riding the elevator.

Final Offer gives those on both sides of the table an intimate understanding of the hidden pressures which shape any labor negotiation.

Henry Ramer....Narrator (voice)
Rod Andrew....Himself (negotiator, GM Canada)
Owen Beaver....Himself (UAW)
Phil Bennett....Himself (UAWC, Oshawa)
John Clout....Himself (UAWC, St. Catharines)
Claude Ducharme....Himself (UAWC, Québec)
Buzz Hargrove....Himself (UAWC)
Fred Morris....Himself (foreman, GM Canada, Oshawa)
Bob Nickerson....Himself (UAWC)
Roger B. Smith....Himself (Chairman, GM)
Bob White....Himself (Director, UAWC)
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