Fighting Words (Series) (1953-1962; 1970; 1982)

Fighting Words
In CBC's Fighting Words, panelists tried to divine the author of a passage by discussing its meaning and style. The panelists then further discussed the merits of the passage, its author, and their values.

Starting November 1959, the show suspended its regular format and aired a conversation between Cohen and a special guest.

In 1970, Cohen revived Fighting Words for a brief run.

Fighting Words reappeared in the 1982 television season, with Peter Gzowski as moderator, and panelists including Gordon Sinclair, Barbara Amiel, Claire Hoy, Morton Shulman, Larry Solway, Bella Abzug, Bob Rae, and, once again, Irving Layton.

Nathan Cohen....Host
Peter Gzowski...Host (1982)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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