Fighting Men, The (TV Movie) (1977)

Aka: Men of Steel

Fighting Men, The
An English-Canadian and a Quebecois try to survive a hostile wilderness— and each other— in this taut military allegory.

It begins on a winter day in 1976. Visibility is near zero when a military plane out of Halifax crashes en route to a remote radio station north of Goose Bay, Nfld. There are two survivors— Air Force Cpl. Jean-Claude Archambault and leading seaman Wayne Archer. Archer and Archarnbault symbolize the clash of their own cultures, they can't and won't get along. But now— lost, injured and without much hope of rescue— they slowly begin to realize that each is desperately dependent on the other.

Aired Sept 24, 1977

Henry Beckman....Coxswain
Sara Botsford....Maggie
Mac Bradden....Bury
Anne Dandurand....Nicole
David Ferry....Merrigan
Peter Jobin....Leclerc
Robert Lalonde....Jean-Claude Archambault
Mavor Moore....Colonel Munro
Yvan Ponton....Laberge
R.D. Reid....Jakes
Michael J. Reynolds....Major Burns
Chick Roberts....CPO Mason
Allan Royal....Wayne Archer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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