Fifties, The (Miniseries) (1997)

This is a fascinating look at what we think of as America's moment in the sun. Everybody thinks of the 1950's as the era of back yard barbecues, dad goes to work, and mom stays home with the kids. Opportunity was everywhere! The future seemed bright. What's forgotten about, is how the 50's laid the ground work for the 60's. This program is based on David Halberstam's book 'The Fifties', and deals with what we forgot, or for us who weren't there, it dispels the myth of what we thought the fifties were. If you want Richie, and Potsie, you're going to be disappointed! It deals with the narrow mindedness, McCarthyism, and the lives that were destroyed by it, and Cold War politics. A great history lesson for all ages because it is an honest look at the decade that we romanticize as the "The Good Neighbour Era".

Edward Herrmann .... Narrator (voice)
Cynthia Dale .... Grace Metalious (voice)
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