Femme Nikita, La (Series) (1997-2001)

Aka: Nikita

Femme Nikita, La
Section One, a clandestine anti-terrorist organization, fakes the death of a jailed, convicted murderer and, believing her twin assets of beauty and ability to kill will make her a valuable new operative, trains her in the fighting skills necessary to succeed in her new job. The new operative, code-named 'Josephine', proves to be somewhat less ruthless than planned, however, as she had been falsely convicted and never murdered anyone.

Peta Wilson .... Nikita, 'Josephine'
Roy Dupuis .... Michael Samuelle, 'Jacques'
Don Francks .... Walter
Matthew Ferguson .... Seymour Birkoff/Jason Crawford
Eugene Robert Glazer .... Operations (aka Paul L. Wolfe)
Alberta Watson .... Madeline (1997-2000)
Carlo Rota .... Mick Schtoppel (aka Martin Henderson) (1997-2001)
Lawrence Bayne .... Davenport (1999-2001)
Lindsay Collins .... Devo #1 (aka Elizabeth) (1997-2001)
Josh Holliday .... Devo #2 (aka Henry) (1997-2001)
Cindy Dolenc .... Kate Quinn (2000-2001)
Steve Lucescu .... Operative Ted (1997-2000)
Stephen Shellen .... Marco O'Brien (2001)

Original Broadcaster(s): Global, CTV, SHOW

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