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Fashion Television
Apr 20, 1985 - Rock hits the fashion runway. Interviews are planned with the designers who put clothes on the backs of rock musicians, and there will be fashion videos from famous designers.

Jul 8, 1985 - The latest in fashion from Canadian and international collections, featuring summer and early fall designs.

Oct 21, 1985 - Reports on the Los Angeles fashion scene; the Coca-Cola line of clothes; and the "Dynasty" fashions.

Feb 17, 1986 - Segments include a visit to the House of Dior; a look at Paris street fashions; and an interview with Monika Schnarre, winner of the Supermodel of the Year competition.

Apr 27, 1986 - The latest fashions for spring and summer. Included: designer Valentino; Russian fashions.

Nov 30, 1986 - Chrisopher Blackwell discusses his worst best dressed lists. Also: Spring fashions from Europe and North America.

Dec 7, 1986 - A report on the successful marketing techniques of Benetton. Also: An interview with Sophia Loren, who was in Toronto promoting her fragrance Sophia.

Dec 14, 1986 - Yves Saint Laurent's Haute Couture show from Toronto and Montreal. Also: An interview with Anouk Aimee.

Dec 21, 1986 - An interview with Daniel Hechter and a report on Giorgio perfume. Also: Sandra Bernhard talks about fashion.

Jan 25, 1987 - Japanese designer Hanae Mori and Terri Preece, a Canadian model working in Japan. Also: Visual artist Allie Willis.

Feb 1, 1987 - Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo and the Council of Fashion Awards from New York.

Feb 8, 1987 - Giorgio Armani's spring collection and this year's bridal fashions. Also: Adrian Arpel discusses body types.

Feb 15, 1987 - Interviews with lingerie designer and former Wall Street broker Josie Natori and new designer Angel Estrada. Also: Shopping by appointment.

Feb 22, 1987 - Interviews with New York designer Isabel Toledo and, from Paris, Jean-Paul Gaultier. Also: Editor of Big Beautiful Woman magazine, Carole Shaw.

Mar 1, 1987 - From Quebec City, the international Fashion Show including interviews with Jean-Paul Gaultier and Geoffrey Beene. Also: A look at the designs of Pierre Cardin's 30 year career.

Mar 8, 1987 - Included: Big Beautiful Woman editor Carole Shaw and exercise guru Richard Simmons discuss the larger woman. Also: Fashion entrepreneur Peter Nygard.

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