Famous Jett Jackson, The (Series) (1998-2001)

Famous Jett Jackson, The
Jett is the star of a popular action show called "Silverstone" but when he decides he wants to spend more time with his sheriff father, wise grandmother, and best friend J.B., the entire show relocates from L.A. to his North Carolina hometown. However, a normal life is far from what Jett gets. J.B. has to deal with the fame surrounding his buddy and screaming fans chase Jett into the girl's restroom he meets Kayla, an artist/farmer's daughter who is not impressed by his fame. With J.B., Kayla and his friends from the set (such as the special effect guru Cubby and the show's costar Riley), the teen learns to juggle between being the action hero Silverstone and just regular Jett Jackson.

Lee Thompson Young .... Jett Jackson/Silverstone
Ryan Sommers Baum .... J.B. Halliburton
Kerry Duff .... Kayla West
Gordon Greene .... Wood Jackson
Montrose Hagins .... Miz Coretta Jackson
Lindy Booth .... Riley Grant/Hawk (1999-2001)
Jeffrey Douglas .... Cubby
Melanie Nicholls-King .... Jules Jackson
Andrew Tarbet .... Booker Murray
Nigel Shawn Williams .... Artemus/Nigel Essex
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