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Apr 7, 1957 - A United Films production called "Preface to a Life." The theme is that children must be understood and respected as individuals. They are growing personalities with their own emotional needs and rights. In the film, a boy's parents are depicted, unwittingly trying to mould him according to their own dreams rather than letting his develop according to his own personality.

April 14, 1957 - "He Acts His Age," a film examining the play-habits of children from one to 15, showing how their development normally keeps up with their physical growth.

Apr 21, 1957 - "The Terrible Twos and Trusting Threes."
Some active two-and-three-year-olds are shown in the playground, nursery school and at home. We see how they learn control of their bodies, the qualities of different materials, and bow to "give and take." (Crawley Films)

Apr 28, 1957 - Fourth program in a filmed series of ten on child development. Today- The Frustrating Fours and Fascinating Fives. They aren't really naughty, the film shows, when they are four. That "devilment" is just, part of their normal development. Fortunately, age five usually brings with it a more advanced behaviour. (Crawley Films)

May 5, 1957 - "From Sociable 6 to Noisy 9." At this age children are often completely baffling. This is a story about a family with three children, and it shows how the parents handle a number of difficult situations. (Crawley Films)

May 12, 1957 - "Why Won't Tommy Eat?" Are the causes physical? Or could they be emotional? Tommy's difficulties with food may go back to early infancy. The film indicates some of the ways parents might look at such a problem in an effort to gain understanding of their own attitudes and their child's. (Crawley Films)

May 19, 1957 - Seventh of ten programs on child development. Today— "From 10 to 12." Now they are no longer infants, but not quite adolescents: independent, sometimes responsible, always testing, striving, living life to the hilt, but with deep currents of feeling which are often hidden from our view. Written by MacKay Smith and F.R. Crawley, directed by Ed Reid.

May 26, 1957 - "The Teens." Tries to explain what goes on in the minds, emotions and lives of adolescents. Written by MacKay Smith and F.R. Crawley, directed by Ed Reid.

Jun 2, 1957 - "Shyness" — ninth of ten films on child development. It examines the following questions: Do parents tend to over-protect the first or only child? Are children with physical disabilities in greater danger of shyness? How would you deal with a child who does not want to mix with other children? Do adults expect too much of children? Do parents need professional help with such problems? From the National Film Board, written and directed by Stanley Jackson.

Jun 9, 1957 - "Family Circles," final program in the series. The school has become a very strong influence on our children. This film indicates something of the way the interplay of home and school affects the development of youngsters.

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