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Plouffe Family, The
The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for The Plouffe Family.

Jun 15, 1956 - The Plouffe Family appears on our screens for the last time this season. The man who creates the Plouffes, Roger Lemelin, plays the part of Cecile's physician

Oct 5, 1956 - The Plouffe family returns to the air for a new series presented live from Montreal. The opening episode of the new season finds Theophile Plouffe in a stir over a friend Narcisse Vallerand's 25th wedding anniversary and planning a bang-up celebration. The boys pitch in with great enthusiasm to help their father, but not everyone is nappy. While the men work, Josephine (Mama) Plouffe is standing by, silently fuming. In all the bustle and excitement over Narcisse Vallerand her own 35th wedding anniversary appears to have been completely overlooked.

Oct 26, 1956 - Napoleon wins his night school diploma and Jeanne Labrie falls ill.

Nov 9, 1956 - Stan Labrie and his newly-won money pose a problem for several members of the Plouffe Family. Rita Toulouse who has been seeing Ovide Plouffe regularly suddenly switches her affections to Stan Labrie.

Nov 23, 1956 - The handsome Guillaume refuses an offer of a job from Danielle Smith's wealthy father, and Uncle Gedeon comes to stay with the Plouffes.

Dec 7, 1956 - One of Canada's most famous actors— Gratien Gelinas— becomes part of the Plouffe Family tonight. He'll play the role of Juvenal Bolduc, a farmer.

Dec 28, 1956 - The Plouffes gather in the hospital room of Jeanne Labrie, and Onesime turns up as Santa Claus.

Jan 11, 1957 - A new personality appears- Tootsie Duquette played by Denyse St-Pierre. Tootsie finds Guillaume the most attractive member of the Plouffe family but nevertheless Guillaume announces his intention to marry Danielle Smith.

Mar 8, 1957 - A new character appears in this week's episode. He is Achille Pacquette, Gedeon's 71-year-old neighbour in County Beauce.

Mar 15, 1957 - Things seem to be going smoothly in the boxing career of Guillaume, except for opposition from Napoleon, who doesn't seem to trust his younger brother's new advisers — a manager and promoter. As events turn out, there's good reason to worry.

Apr 19, 1957 - Tonight "Tootsie" Ducquette, the new girl in the life of the athletic Guillaume, is right in the centre of things. "Tootsie" will be making an important decision in her life.

May 31, 1957 - Final program of the season. The family celebrates the wedding between Napoleon and Jeanne Labrie.

Oct 4, 1957 - First program in a third series featuring French Canada's favourite family. The Plouffes start the season off with a dispute over their new house. In the centre of the argument is Josephine who objects to the ultra-modern paint job which was done by an artistic-minded interior decorator, a friend of Ovide. As things turn out, this proves to be only the beginning of their troubles.

Oct 11, 1957 - Second program of the new series. Tonight Cecile suffers an attack of jealousy when Madame Irene Chapados, the wife of her new tenant, seems to be taking a more than friendly interest in Onesime.

Oct 18, 1957 - Papa presides over a conference in which the fate of Plouffe and Sons, the family plumbing company is to be decided.

Oct 25, 1957 - Napoleon has a double purpose in his pole-sitting venture this week. Primarily, he hopes to break the pole-sitting record, but at the same time to gain valuable publicity for Plouffe & Sons, which is having many problems in setting up business in a new district.

Nov 1, 1957 - Napoleon's pole-sitting marathon comes to an end on this week's program, and the family gets back its stove into which the base of Napoleon's pole was stuck.

Nov 8, 1957 - Ovide hurries to get the professional help of a psychiatrist after Napoleon, who ended his pole-sitting marathon last week, starts talking about some men from the moon who had kept him company during his long and lonely vigil above the roof-tops.

Nov 29, 1957 - Cecile goes along to find out what hunting is all about, and then discovers she must keep a wary eye on Aime, son of Uncle Gedeon. Aime, who makes his first appearance in the series this week, has a reputation as a woman-chaser. From Montreal. (This episode originally scheduled for Nov. 15.)

Dec 13, 1957 - Mama and Papa Plouffe learn about their serious financial difficulties this week.

Dec 20, 1957 - Financial ruin faces Stan Labrie after his attempted bank hold-up. Each member of the Plouffe family has an idea how to get Stan out of jail.

Jan 3, 1958 - The Plouffe Family hold a family reunion, and Uncle Gideon comes from the country with some musician friends.

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