Eureka! (Series) (1980)

Eureka! is a series of humourous, and information-packed programs that bring "boring" physics concepts to vibrant, vigorous life. Each program takes a simple and direct approach to the subject matter; while the basic concepts are explained in a voice-over, cartoon characters and a variety of animated objects demonstrate the principles on the screen. Constant review and reinforcement make the message clear; as a result, the study of physics becomes easier and accessible - even to viewers without a solid background in the subject.

Billy Van....All voices
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I first joined Grafilm Productions in 1977 as an assistant animator on the third installation of the TVOntario series "Readalong." In 1979 I found myself once again at the studio, this time as an animator on "Eureka!" Among the crew were Ian Bell, Peter Hudecki, Lynn Reist, Charlie MacRae, Harry Rasmussen, Maury Whyte, Mark Simon, and myself.

Bob Borg, president of the company did the titles. Design of the series was by Joe Meluck.

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