Escape from Mars (TV Movie) (1999)

Escape from Mars
Five astronauts make the first manned trip to Mars, in the second decade of the 21st century. They must battle and overcome inferior computer components, corporate greed and indifference, their own personal problems, as well as the surprises that The Red Planet has in store for them.

Christine Elise....Lia Poirier, Sagan Cocommander
Peter Outerbridge....John Rank, Sagan Cocommander
Allison Hossack....Andrea Singer, Mission Chemist
Michael Shanks....Bill Malone, Mission Architect
Ron Lea....Jason, Mission Control Weasel
Kavan Smith....Sergei Andropov, Misson Biogeochemist
David Kaye....Steve Yaffe
Peter Kelamis....Robert Poirer, Lia's Husband
Julie Khaner....Gail McConnell, Mission Control
Tammy Isbell....Stephanie Rank, John's Ex Wife
Arlene MacPherson....Remi
Aaron Pearl....Robert Singer
Jonathan Barrett....Richard Singer
Darrell Nicholson....Andy Singer
Sophia Sweatman....Amanda Singer
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