Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper (TV Movie) (1981)

This film tells a combination of how Ken Taylor and his Canadian Embassy staff in Teheran during the Iranian hostage crisis hid half a dozen American embassy staffers at great personal risk. It furthermore tells the story, which was revealed much later to the cover story for the joint CIA/Canadian rescue operation, of how Ken Taylor successfully smuggled those Americans out of Iran safely under the noses of the internal security forces.

Gordon Pinsent....Ambassador Ken Taylor
Chris Wiggins....John Sheardown
Diana Barrington....Zena Sheardown
Robert Joy....Mark Lijek
James B. Douglas....Bob Anders
Tisa Chang....Pat Taylor
Larry Aubrey....Joe Stafford
Matsu Anderson....Cora Lijek
Julie Khaner....Kathy Stafford
Robert Lalonde....Jean Pelletier
R.H. Thomson....Lee Schatz
Carl Marotte....Marine Sergeant Lopez
Jason Dean....Sergeant Gauthier
Jonathan Welsh....Michael Howland
John-Peter Linton....Victor Tomseth
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