Eric's World (Series) (1991-?)

Eric's World
Eric's World is a lighthearted sitcom for children starring family entertainer Eric Nagler as a musician and single parent living in a trailer park with his son Nat and daughter Kaley. Eric's manager CJ, a well-meaning but over-zealous puppet, is also part of the interesting collection of friends and neighbours who fill Eric's world with music and laughter.

Ashley Brown .... Max
Daniel DeSanto .... Horace
Michelyn Emelle
Niki Holt .... Kaley
Maggie Huculak .... Marion
Ross Hull .... Jeff
Nicole Lyn .... Prue
Eric Nagler .... Eric
John Pattison .... C.J. (voice)
Jilana Stewart .... Nikki
Kenny Vadas .... Nat
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