eNow (Series) (1995-2001)

Aka: Entertainment Now; E-Now

eNow was known as Canada's premier entertainment magazine show, looking at the latest trends and developments in the world of entertainment. The show was the brainchild of Baton Broadcast System president Ivan Fecan and reported on showbiz from across Canada and the U.S.

Originally titled Entertainment Now, the name changed to eNow in 1996. The show expanded to an hour in its second season. In 1997, the show expanded again to include a Vancouver bureau, reflecting the West Coast entertainment scene to a national audience.

Lin Eleoff .... Host (1995-1996)
Carla Collins .... Host (1996-2001)
Dan Duran .... Host (1996-2001)
Christine Diakos .... Correspondent (1995-2001)
Erica Ehm .... Correspondent
Maureen Holloway .... Correspondent

Original Broadcaster(s): BBS, CTV

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bymiss, July 5, 2007
i love this woman. she's my inspiration;)
byWayne Dayton, March 17, 2007
Lin was undoubtedly the most stunning anchor/reporter of the 80s/90s in Toronto. Replacing her with Carla Collins was akin to having London of The Littlest Hobo replaced by Don Cherry's dog, Blue.

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