Emily of New Moon (Series) (1998-2000)

Emily of New Moon
Set in Prince Edward Island at the turn of the century, "Emily of New Moon" follows Emily Starr, an imaginative young girl who aspires to be a famous writer. When her beloved father dies, her happy life is turned upside down. Her deceased mother's relatives draw lots to determine who would have the burden of taking Emily into their home. It is decided that Emily would live at New Moon with rigid Aunt Elizabeth, timid Aunt Laura and odd Cousin Jimmy. Helped by her overactive imagination and some new friends, Emily slowly adjusts to life at her new home.

Martha MacIsaac .... Emily Byrd Starr
Susan Clark .... Elizabeth Murray
Sheila McCarthy .... Laura Murray
Stephen McHattie .... Jimmy Murray
Normand Bissonnette .... Father Ducharme
Sarah Briand .... Emily at age five
Maury Chaykin .... Lofty John
Chip Chuipka .... Francis Carpenter
Emily Cara Cook .... Rhoda Stuart
MacKenzie Donaldson .... Jenny Strang
Peter Donaldson .... Ian Bowles
Richard Donat .... Dr. Burnley
Adam Frost .... Jack Haszard
Cody Graham .... Kid Who Has A Crush on Emily (2000)
Martha Henry .... Megan Moore
William Hutt .... Reverend Pitch
Kris Lemche .... Perry Miller
Michael Moriarty .... Douglas Starr
John Neville .... Uncle Malcolm
Joan Orenstein .... Great Aunt Caroline Priest
Leni Parker .... Miss Brownell
Jessica Pellerin .... Ilse Burnley
Claire Rankin .... Juliet Starr
Shawn Roberts .... Teddy Kent
Linda Thorson .... Isabel Murray

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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