Electric Circus (Series) (1988-2003)

Electric Circus
Electric Circus was a Canadian live dance music television program aired on MuchMusic and Citytv. It can best be compared with the American dance series Soul Train and American Bandstand.

Interestingly enough, the show was also simulcast on MuchUSA during the show's run and also had a loyal following among American viewers, especially Dance music fans who tuned in since it was the only place to see artists and videos from the genre, which usually gets shunned or avoided by MTV in the United States.

The dance hall where people were invited to dance which the show used was within the CHUM-City Building in Toronto, but audiences sometimes spilled out onto Queen Street West. Most music played was pre-recorded but live acts also were invited on some shows, and in the 1990s guest deejays were also featured. The show was an hour and a half, until 2001, when it shortened to just an hour long.

Like its American antecedents American Bandstand and Soul Train, Electric Circus was known for its flashy dancers and many of these dancers became fan favourites in their own right. A couple of these dancers later graduated to host the show.

Monika Deol (1988-1996)
Juliette Powell (1996-2000)
Nadine Ramkisson (2000-2002)
Rick Campanelli (2002)
Bradford How (2002)
Rainbow Sun Francks (2002-2003)
Namugenyi Kiwanuka (2002-2003)
Amanda Walsh (2002-2003)

Original Broadcaster(s): MUCH

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