Eleanor (Series) (1955; 1964)

In her 1955 summer series, singer Eleanor Collins, pianist Chris Gage, dancers Lennie Gibson and Denise Quan, the Ray Norris Quintet, host Alan Millar, and their weekly guests performed music around a particular theme each week.

In the 1964 series, Collins was backed by a trio led by Chris Gage, and they and guests such as trumpet and trombone player Cars Sneddon, alto sax and flute player Fraser MacPherson, or trumpet played Clara Bryant did their renditions of show tunes and popular music from the U.S.A.

Both series, simply called Eleanor, were produced in Vancouver.

Eleanor Collins (1955,1964)
Chris Gage (1955,1964)
Lennie Gibson (1955)
Denise Quan (1955)
Ray Norris Quintet (1955)
Alan Millar....Host (1955)
Cars Sneddon (1964)
Fraser MacPherson (1964)
Clara Bryant (1964)
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