Episode Guide - Eight Stories Inside Quebec (Series) (1966)

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Jul 20, 1966 - "Joual Means Horse." A mood study of Jean-Paul Desbiens, a member of the Marist Congregation (a religious order of teachers) who is now working for the Quebec department of education in the field of curriculum revision. Director/Script: Arnold Gelbart. Photography: Jacques Leduc. Narrator: Harold Ryshpan.

Jul 27, 1966 - "This Blooming Business of Bilingualism ." Peter Desbarats introduces a study of the problems caused by the fact that many people in Montreal cannot speak French and English. Director: Peter Pearson. Script: Sarita Elman. Photography: Roger Racine. Animation: Warren Collins.

Aug 3, 1966 - "Between Two Worlds." A study of the growth and development of the Jewish community in Montreal. Director: Felix Lazarus. Script: C.J. Newman. Photography: Boris Kranjec.

Aug 10, 1966 - "But Where are the English of Yesteryear?" A young girl from London, England, tours Quebec City asking why the English population in Quebec has declined, substantially over the past few decades. Director/Script: Pierre Desrosiers.

Aug 17, 1966 - "Confederation of Two." An examination of three marriages between French and English speaking Canadians. Director: Dennis Miller.

Aug 24, 1966 - "The Ballad of Louis Cyr." A profile of legendary Quebec strongman Louis Cyr, a former Montreal policeman, who became a circus performer and lived up to the billing as "The Strongest Man in the World." Dr. Gerald Aumont of Montreal, Cyr's grandson, and people who saw Cyr perform, talk about the famous Quebec strongman. Director: Arnold Gelbart. Script: Donald Bell.

Aug 31, 1966 - "What Went Wrong with Belgium?" A study of the bilingual problem in Belgium, Program traces the historical development of the situation to Its impasse today. Director: Raymond de Boer.

Sep 7, 1966 - "What's the Matter with Old McGill?." Final program in the series which examines the future of McGill University. Director: Dennis Miller. Script: Richard and Sandra Gwyn.

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