Ed the Sock (Series) (1993- )

Aka: Ed's Night Party; Ed's Big Wham Bam; Ed's Nite In

Ed the Sock
Ed the Sock is a grey sock puppet, with green hair, round eyes, smokes a cigar and has a voice you would imagine coming from a raunchy sailor. What makes Ed The Sock so special is his off the cuff & innuendo laden humour.

Ed's Nite Party first aired on Rogers Cable late nights in 1993 before being scooped up by CityTV.

The new "Ed's Night Party" was taped with a live studio audience in the ChumCity building at CITYtv in Toronto. It was set-up like a talk show, and was complete with go-go dancers, and a hot tub that a chosen studio guest can share with some heavenly honeys! Guests ranged from some big Hollywood names to pornstars.

Ed's Big Wham Bam was Ed's show on MuchMusic from 2000-2003 and Ed's Nite In was a series on CITYtv in 2005 where Ed and co-stars Liana K and Da Scientist appeared during the commercial breaks of Citytv's Tuesday night movie.

Steven Joel Kerzner....Ed the Sock
Liana Kerzner .... Co-host
Craig Campbell .... Co-host
Howard Glassman (Humble Howard) .... Co-host
Eric Tunney .... Co-host

Original Broadcaster(s): CITYtv; Rogers/Shaw; MuchMusic

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