Edison Twins, The (Series) (1984-1986)

Edison Twins, The
Join teen-aged science whizzes Tom and Annie Edison as they meet the challenges of everyday life with just the right combination of humour, courage, curiosity and scientific know-how. The Edison twins share more than a birthday; each has a special gift for solving problems. That's very lucky, since their daily adventures always seem to lead them to a problem or two. But escaping from predicaments by applying the scientific principles they learn in school is something else these bright siblings have in common. It's a challenge just to keep up with them! And never fear. In case you have questions about their scientific solutions, Tom and Annie present an animated sequence at the end of each adventure that explains the procedure they've used to get themselves out of trouble. Albert, the ever-smiling science professor, hosts this special segment, known as "The Explanation."

Marnie McPhail .... Annie Edison
Andrew Sabiston .... Tom Edison
Sunny Besen Thrasher .... Paul Edison
Milan Cheylov .... Lance
Brian George .... Sgt. Paganee
Robert Desrosier .... Mr. Edison (earlier episodes)
Peter McNeil .... Mr. Edison (later episodes)
Judith Norman .... Mrs. Edison (earlier episodes)
Elva Mai Hoover .... Mrs. Edison (later episodes)
Corey Haim .... Larry
Michael Fantini .... Joey
Samantha Follows .... Gayle
Hadley Obodiac .... Terry
Matthew White .... Frankie

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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