Ebenezer (TV Movie) (1997)

Saddle up for this western adaptation of Charles Dickens timeless story “A Christmas Carol.” Ebenezer Scrooge (Jack Palance), tough as rawhide, is a miserable card-cheating miser who owns the local saloon along with half the town. He also abhors all men and thinks he is above the law. Alone in his room after a card fight, Scrooge is visited by Jacob Marlowe who tells him that he will be visited by the three Christmas spirits. Ebenezer wakes up on the floor of his room a changed man, determined to live every day with warmth and generosity to his fellow man.

Jack Palance....Ebenezer Scrooge
Rick Schroder....Samuel Benson
Amy Locane....Erica Marlowe
Albert Schultz....Bob Cratchitt
Daryl Shuttleworth....Fred, Ebenezer's Nephew
Richard Comar....Ghost of Christmas, Present
Michelle Thrush....Ghost of Christmas, Past
Richard Halliday....Jacob Marlowe
Susan Coyne....Clara Cratchitt
Joshua Silberg....Tim Cratchitt
Zoe Rose Hesse....Cratchitt Daughter
Darcy Dunlop....Martha
Jocelyne Loewen....Rebecca Gordon
J.C. Roberts....Benjamin Gordon
Kyle Collings....Ebenezer age 8, 12
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