Easter Fever (Special) (1980)

A jive-talking Easter Bunny named Jack decides to retire, so his friends throw him a crazy roast before he officially hangs up his basket. A series of kooky flashbacks tells of his life-story and career, but will all this reminiscing only convince him not to quit after all?

Melleny Brown....Scrawny Chicken
Jeri Craden....Madame Melegg
Don Ferguson....Announcer
Jim Henshaw....Aardvark
Maurice LaMarche....Don Rattles/Steed Martin
Larry Mollin....Ratso Rat
Garrett Morris....Jack
Catherine O'Hara....Scarlett O'Hare
Chris Wiggins....Santa Claus/Baker
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byKristy, December 8, 2007
If anyone has a VHS or DVD of the cartoon special EASTER FEVER...please contact me! Thank you

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