E.N.G (Series) (1989-1994)

Aka: ENG

Set against the urban landscape of Toronto, E.N.G follows a "hard-hitting, aggressive television news team" as it tracks down the day's stories. E.N.G, which stands for Electronic News Gathering, stars Sarah Botsford as Ann Hildebrandt, a "tough, ambitious senior news producer"; Mark Humphrey as camera man Jake Antonelli, Hildebrandt's romantic partner; and Art Hindle as Mike Fennell, a news director hired to improve the station's ratings.

Sara Botsford .... Ann Hildebrandt
Mark Humphrey .... Jake Antonelli
Art Hindle .... Mike Fennell
Jonathan Welsh .... Eric MacFarlane
Neil Dainard .... J.C. Callahan
Karl Pruner .... Dan Watson
Cynthia Belliveau .... Terri Morgan
James Millington .... Seth Miller
Mary Beth Rubens .... Bobbi Katz
George R. Robertson .... Kyle Copeland
Sherry Miller .... Jane Oliver
Theresa Tova .... Marge Atherton
Clark Johnson .... Clarke Roberts
Eugene Clark .... John Elman (1990-1991)
Rachael Crawford .... Janice Roberts (1990)
David Cubitt .... Bruce Foreman (1993-1994)
Barbara Eve Harris .... Barbara Cole (1990-1991)
Lisa LaCroix .... Kelly Longstreet (1992-1993)
Maria del Mar .... Martha Antonelli (1989-1991)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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