Drop-In (Series) (1970-1974)

Aka: Drop In

Drop-In was a general interest program for ten to fourteen year olds. Although the program was eclectic, shows usually concentrated on a specific theme, such as magic or love or changing fashions. The show explored such topics through in-studio interviews and filmed reports. Drop-In also included comic puppet sketches, called the Drop-In Little Theatre, and music by guest bands.

To develop the series, a pilot series entitled Dress Rehearsal was launched during the summer of 1970.

By the 1972 season, Drop-In's format expanded to include a selection of hosts from eight centres across the country. By the 1973 season, thirteen shows were shot on Canadian children's activities in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the U.K.

Susan Anderson .... Host
Jeffrey Cohen .... Reporter
Susan Conway .... Host
Lynne Griffin .... Reporter
Rex Hagon .... Host
Nina Keogh .... Puppeteer
Pat Rose .... Host
Doug Henning .... Guest

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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