Don't Look Behind You (TV Movie) (1999)

Don't Look Behind You
A man (Patrick Duffy) has to enter the witness protection program after he gives up his former boss, whom he discovers is a druglord, to the FBI. Relocating his wife (Pam Dawber) and kids causes trouble as they are very dissatisfied with their new lives. Unfortunately, the protection plan also doesn't work, as the gang tracks down the family and the man is forced to protect them from attack.

Patrick Duffy....Jeff Corrigan
Pam Dawber....Liz Corrigan
Dominic Raacke....Eric Loftin
Anne Marie Loder....Ellie Foster
Blu Mankuma....George Reeder
Tanja Reichert....April Corrigan
David Kaye....Bram Corrigan
Matthew Harrison....FBI Agent
Ryan Northcott....Stefan Masters
Ken Tremblett....Bret Milstead
Daniella Evangelista....Blair
Karen Holness....Deedee
Mark Houghton....Nichols
Suzette Meyers....Reporter
Birgit Stein
Bill Tarling....The Homeless Man
Jody Thompson....Mary
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