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Don Messer's Jubilee
The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for Don Messer's Jubilee.

Aug 7, 1959 - Music and dancing, country style, with Don Messer and his Islanders will be featured. Featured singers are Charlie Chamberlain and Marg Osburne. The guests on the first show are dancer Marlene Weatherbee and singer George Longrad. The host on the show is Don Tremaine.

Aug 14, 1959 - The guests this week are step-dancer Edie Bourgeault of Truro, Nova Scotia and Sandy MacDonald, second place winner in the recent Talent Caravan contest.

Aug 28, 1959 - Don Messer's guests are comedians Hughie and Allen and Fiddler Earl Milton. The Buchta Dancers are featured in a Calypso number. Marg Osburne sings a Newfoundland folk song.

Sep 28, 1959 - Don Messer's Jubilee will be featured with old-time fiddler Scotty Fitzgerald and dancer Harvey MacKinnon. The Buchta Dancers are featured in "A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight." Marg Osburne sings Bonaparte's Retreat, and Charlie Chamberlain sings With Me Shillelagh Under Me Arm. They are featured in a duet called Whispering Hope.

Oct 5, 1959 - Guest is Laurie Myers from Moncton, N.B.

Oct 12, 1959 - The guests are Rod Linnell, square dance caller, and banjo artist Rael Fournier, from Edmunston, N.B.

Oct 19, 1959 - Laurie Myers from Moncton, N.B. is the guest.

Nov 2, 1959 - The guest is dancer Eddie Borgeault.

Nov 16, 1959 - Guests will be folk singers Peggy Seager and Ewen McColl.

Nov 23, 1959 - The New Glasgow Quartet appear.

Nov 30, 1959 - The Don Messer Jubiiee will feature an all-Scottish program from Halifax with pipe major Harold Sutherland as guest.

Dec 7, 1959 - Guest is singer Laurie Myers.

Dec 14, 1959 - The Don Messer show features guests the Four Fiddlers, Cy Steele, Cliff Hamilton, Rod Dorman and Ron Goodwin.

Dec 21, 1959 - Guest is dancer Marlene Weatherbee.

Dec 28, 1959 - Maritime folk singer Omar Blondahl will be guest.

Jan 4, 1960 - Omar Blondell, a folk singer and a former Winnipeg radio announcer will be guest

Jan 11, 1960 - Don Messer's Jubilee will feature guest Don Gilchrist of Ottawa, a step-dancer.

Jan 18, 1960 - Guest is blind singer and dancer Fred McKenna from Fredericton, N.B.

Jan 25, 1960 - Wally Walpuh will be a special guest singer.

Feb 8, 1960 - Fiddler Bruce Holder, of Saint John, N.B., will be guest

Feb 29, 1960 - Guest is singer Fred McKenna.

Mar 14, 1960 - Guests are accordionist Gabby Hayes and the dance team of Joe Wollen and Marie Church.

Mar 21, 1960 - Guests are the singing Farnell sisters.

Mar 28, 1960 - Don Messer and his Islanders, with singer Charlie Chamberlain and the Buchta Dancer and host Don Tremaine

Apr 11, 1960 - Marg Osburne makes her return to Don Messer'ss Jubilee. She gave birth to a daughter, Melody, on March 27.

Apr 18, 1960 - Stepdancer Eddy Bourgeault is guest on this St. George's Day program. Charlie Chamberlain sings White Cliffs of Dover and There'll Always Be An England.

Apr 25, 1960 - The Diamond Trio are special guests.

May 16, 1960 - Charlie Chamberlain will sing Lonely River and Whalen's Pate. He teams up with Marg Osburne to sing the quiet-time song, Precious Lord.

May 23, 1960 - Singer Gerald Cole will be the guest.

Jun 6, 1960 - The quiet-time song will be The Haven Of Rest.

Jun 13, 1960 - Special guests will be fiddler Jim McLennan from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and a girl piper.

Jun 20, 1960 - With Don Messer and the Islanders; vocalists Marg Osburne and Charlie Chamberlain; the Buchta Dancers, and emcee Don Tremaine. Marg Osburne sings Tweedle-O-Twill. Charlie Chamberlain sings Good Old Fashioned Hoe-Down and Nothing Like the Smile of the Irish. Together they sing Carolina Moon and An Evening Prayer. Don Messer and the Islanders play Johnny Wagoner and Long-Eared Mule, and the Buchta Dancers perform to Balkan Hills and Poor Girl's Waltz.

Jun 27, 1960 - The guest will be Stu Philips, guitarist and singer from Calgary, known to radio listeners as the Travellin' Balladeer.

Jul 4, 1960 - The Diamond Trio from Fredericton. N.B., will be the guests.

Jul 11, 1960 - Singer Fred McKenna and dancer Marlene Weatherbie are the guests.

Jul 18, 1960 - Step-dancer Don Gilchrist will be the guest

Jul 25, 1960 - Fiddlers June Eikhard and Frances Murdock will be the guests.

Aug 1, 1960 - Stu Phillips will be the guest

Aug 8, 1960 - Marg Osburne and Charlie Chamberlain sing the quiet-time song If You Know The Lord.

Aug 15, 1960 - Charlie Chamberlain and Marg Osburne will team up to sing the quiet-time song, ln The Chapel In The Moonlight, and Little Strands Of Silver.

Aug 22, 1960 - The Diamond Trio will be the guests

Sep 5, 1960 - Charlie Chamberlain joins Marg Osburne to sing Side By Side and In The Garden.

Sep 12, 1960 - Marg Osburne sings Mission On The Hill and joins Charlie Chamberlain in I'm Thinking Of My Blue Eyes and A New Day Of Prayer

Sep 19, 1960 - Scotty Fitzgerald, fiddler and Diane McIsaac, step dancer, will be the guests.

Sep 26, 1960 - The Diamond Trio will be the special guests

Oct 3, 1960 - Charlie Chamberlain will sing Don't Tread On The Tail Of Me Coat and join Marg Osburne to sing Never Grow Old. The Buchta Dancers present Hudson Bay Breakdown and San Antonio Rose.

Oct 10, 1960 - The Westmoreland Singers will be the special guests.

Oct 17, 1960 - Singer George Longard and step dancer Merleae Weatherbee will be the guests.

Oct 24, 1960 - Singer Fred McKenna of Marysville, N.B., will be the guest

Oct 31, 1960 - Marg and Charlie team up to sing The Man In The Moon Is A Cowhand and They Never Grow Old.

Nov 7, 1960 - Slim Gordon and daughter Shirley, country singers from Oshawa, Ont., will be guests

Nov 14, 1960 - Charlie Chamberlain will sing Laughing Irish Eyes and Mountains of Mourne.

Nov 21, 1960 - Charlie Chamberlain will sing With My Shillelagh Under My Arm and I Asked The Lord

Nov 28, 1960 - The New Glasgow Scottish Country Dancers will be the guests.

Dec 12, 1960 - Charlie Chamberlain will sing Christmas In Killarney.

Dec 12, 1960 - With Don Messer and the Islanders, vocals by Marg Osburne and Charlie Chamberlain, and emcee Don Tremaine. Today, Marg Osburne sings "A Child's Christmas Prayer" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain." Charlie Chamberlain renders "Christmas in Killarney," then the two singers will team up for "The Holy Child." "The Carnival Hornpipe" and "The Pop Corn Reel" will be played by the orchestra, and the Buchta Dancers will perform the "Maple Leaf Two-Step" and "Goose Feathers." Dance director Gunter Buchta will dance to "Irish Washerwoman."

Dec 26, 1960 - With Don Messer and the Islanders, vocals by Marg Osburne and Charlie Chamberlain, and emcee Don Tremaine. Today, Charlie Chamberlain will sing "This Land is Your Land," and "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." Marg Osburne will sing "May You Always" and "The New Year Song." Marg and Charlie will do "How Great Thou Art." The orchestra will perform to "Quebec Reel," "Anne Marie Reel," and a medley of "Young Billy," "Speed the Plough," "The Mocking Bird," and "Silver and Gold." The Buchta Dancers will do "Goosefeathers" and "Buffalo Gals."

Jan 16, 1961 - Charlie Chamberlain will sing I Had A Hat.

Jan 23, 1961 - Charlie Chamberlain will sing Clancy Lowered The Boom, and will join Marg Osburne to sing An Evening Prayer.

Jan 30, 1961 - Accordionist Gaby Haas will be the guest. Marg and Charlie will sing An Evening Prayer.

Feb 20, 1961 - There will be a salt water theme as Marg will sing Beyond the Reef, Charlie will continue with Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor and the Buchta dancers will perform to The Sailor's Hornpipe.

Feb 27, 1961 - Marg and Charlie will sing He Will Work Wonders For You and a medley of When You and I Were Young Maggie and Silver Threads Among the Gold.

May 8, 1961 - Guests will be banjo player Ray Little of Regina, and his vocalist wife. The orchestra will play Whalen's Breakdown, Billy in the Low Cround and Chicken Reel. Marg Osburne will sing Have I Told You Lately and Champagne Polka, then will join Charlie Chamberlain for Peace in the Valley. Charlie's solo will be M-O-T-H-E-R and the Buchta Dancers will perform Away Polka and Dad's Favorite Jig.

May 29, 1961 - The Buchta Dancers perform to Ain't Nobody's Business and Mackilmoyles Reel. Marg Osburne sings In Apple Blossom Valley, then joins Charlie Chamberlain for When It's Apple Blossom Time in Annapolis Valley, I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time, and Whither Thou Goest. The orchestra performs the Flop Eared Mule, Lord Alexander's Reel and Don Messer's Breakdown. Pianist Waldo Munro plays Humpty Dumpty Rag. Special guests are The Diamond Trio of Fredericton, N.B.

Jun 5, 1961 - Marg Osburne sings The Metro Polka, When It's Summer at Green Gables, and I Love You Because. Charlie Chamberlain sings Will You Love Me, then joins Marg for Another Perfect Day Has Passed. The orchestra plays the Television Reel and CNE Breakdown. Plaza Polka and What's The Matter with Father are the tunes to which the Buchta Dancers perform. Pianist Waldo Munro plays When You Wore a Tulip and Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet.

Jun 19, 1961 - Guests- accordionist Gaby Haas and singer Starre Davison.

Jun 26, 1961 - Guests - Cy Steele, Rod Dorman, Ron Goodwin; season's final show

Sep 25, 1961 - First show of the season with Don Messer and His Islanders; guests: dancer Marlene Weatherbie from Charlottetown, banjo player Ray Little and his sister singer Ann Little, from Regina

Oct 2, 1961 - Guests- Ann and Ray Little from Regina.

Oct 9, 1961 - Guest- accordionist Gaby Hass of Edmonton

Oct 16, 1961 - Guests- Ray and Ann Little

Oct 23, 1961 - Guests- blind guitarist-singer Fred McKenna, stepdancer Eddie Bourgeault.

Oct 30, 1961 - Guests- Mercey Brothers, vocal-instrumental group.

Nov 6, 1961 - Combined Remembrance Day show and salute to CBC's 25th anniversary.

Nov 13, 1961 - Guest - Duke (Uncle Luke) Neilson.

Nov 27, 1961 - Guests Pipe Major Carl French and three Highland dancers.

Dec 4, 1961 - Guest- Pat Hervey from Toronto.

Dec 18, 1961 - Guests- the Westmoreland singers from Moncton, N.B., and step dancers Jackie Flannigan and Marlene Weatherbee from Chariottetown, P.E.I.

Jan 1, 1962 - Six brown-eyed youngsters, the Singing Cadegans, ranging in age from 10 to 15, will be guests.

Mar 5, 1962 - Guests on this program are the Little Buchta Dancers, aged six to eight years, and vocalist Lynda Longard.

May 7, 1962 - Mother's Day. Guests are singer George Longard and tap-dancer Eddie Bourgeault.

May 21, 1962 - Guests are the four Farnell Sisters from Halifax. A few of the selections are: Apple Blossom Time in Annapolis Valley (Farnell Sisters); God Is Everywhere (Duet); Billy in the Low Ground (Orchestra).

Jun 4, 1962 - Guests are the Swiss vocal and instrumental couple, Fritz and Marili Tschannen. Some highlights of the program are: It's a Lovely, Lovely World (Marg Osburne); Ireland Is Ireland to Me (Charlie Chamberlain). The Buchta Dancers perform the Prairie Schottische and the Swiss Polka.

Jun 11, 1962 - Guest is singer-instrumentalist Fred McKenna. Some highlights of the show are: We're Proud to Call Him Son (Fred); Be Honest with Me (Marg Osburne); Paper Roses (Charlie Chamberlain). The Butcha Dancers perform to Whalen's Breakdown and Hillbilly Calypso.

Jun 25, 1962 - In this last show of the season guests are tenor Bud Spencer from Vancouver and step-dancers Jackie Flanagan and Marlene Weatherbie from Charlottetown. A few of the selections are: Home and My Best to You (Marg Osburne); Texas Quickstep (Don Messer); Saint Ann's Reel (Charlie Chamberlain).

Oct 1, 1962 - Guests on tonight's show are dancers Don Gilchrist and Joan Anne Jamieson of Ottawa. Highlights: Father O'Flynn, Rickett's Hornpipe (Don and Joan); Singing Hills, Careless Love (Marg); With My Shillelagh Under My Arm (Charlie); Blue Mountain Hornpipe, Chinese Breakdown (Islanders); Butterfly (Dancers).

Nov 12, 1962 - This week's guests are The Farnell Sisters. A few of the selections are: Roses of Picardy (Farnell Sisters); Sailor (Marg); My Buddy (Charlie); Blue Water Hornpipe (Islanders).

Dec 3, 1962 - Highlights include "When My Hair Has Turned to Silver," "You Don't Know Me," "Somewhere," "Mitton's Breakdown" and "Joys of Quebec."

Mar 4, 1963 - Don's guests are dancer Bill Marshall and singer Ron Jollimore. Highlights: "Where the Bluebird Sings His Song" (Osburne); "Lonely Trail" (Chamberlain); "Moon River" (Jollimore); "Operetta Square Dance" (Dancers); "Johnny Durocher's Breakdown" (Marshall); "Bugle Call Rag" (Islanders).

Apr 15, 1963 - Guests are the Westmorland Singers from Moncton. N.B. Musical numbers include: Blue Mountain Waltz (Butcha Dancers); I Love You Because (Marg); In an Old Fashioned Town (Charlie); Gethsemane (Westmorland Ringers); Easter Sweetheart (Westmorland Singers); Raggedy Ann (Orchestra).

Apr 22, 1963 - This week's guest is folksinger Fred McKenna of Marysville, N.S. Numbers include: The Golden Vanity (Fred); An English Country Garden (Marg); Mountains of Mourne (Charlie); Fireball Mail (Vic Mullen); London Hornpipe (Islanders).

May 27, 1963 - Guests are the husband and wife entertainers Fritz and Marili Tschannen from Ste. Marguerite Station. Que. Numbers include: Helen Polka (Marg); French Minuet (Buchta Dancers); I Had Someone Else (Charlie); Johnny Wagoner (Islanders); John Henry (Vic Mullen).

Jun 3, 1963 - The Children's Show. Guests are step-dancers Marlene Weatherbie and Jacqueline Flanagan from Charlottetown, P.E.I.; singer Elizabeth Coulter from Tatamagouche, N.S.; and the Little Buchta Dancers from Halifax, Numbers include: Mary Lou (Charlie); Rolly Polly (Marg); Lonesome Road Blues (Vic Mullen); Chicken Reel (Islanders).

Jun 10, 1963 - Guests on the Father's Day Show are the father and son team of Fred and Graham Townsend of Toronto. Fred is a square dance caller and Graham is a fiddler. Included in the numbers are: Hoop-dee-doo (Marg); Silver-Haired Daddy (Charlie); Dear Old Dad (The Islanders).

Jun 24, 1963 - Singer-guitarist Fred McKenna substitutes for ailing Charlie Chamberlain.

Jul 1, 1963 - Don's guest is singer Fred McKenna. Highlights: "Dear Hearts" (Osburne); "Grandma's Chickens." "Dominion Reel" (Islanders); "Messer Polka" (Dancers); "Streets of Laredo"(McKenna). Last show of the season.

May 18, 1964 - Victoria Day Show, from the Red Cross Lodge of Camp Hill Hospital, in Halifax. Don Messer and his Islanders with singers Marg Osburne and Charlie Chamberlain, and the Buchta Dancers.

Nov 7, 1966 - Remembrance Day Show. Guests are Cape Breton comedians Hughie and Allan from Sydney, N.S., and popular vocalist Catherine McKinnon.

Mar 25, 1968 - Guest is the singer and composer, Bob Whitney, from Ottawa. He sings "The Bluenose Hop." Don and the Islanders render "Play Me an Old Fashioned Waltz," and the Buchta Dancers perform to "The Instant Polka." The latter numbers were composed by Whitney. Other numbers include: Shine (Charlie Chamberlain); Bonnie Lass That Didn't Marry Me (Johnny Forrest); Lazy River (Marg Osburne); Wings of a Dove (Marg and Johnny)

May 2, 1969 - Guests: singers Gene and Blair, and step-dancer Stephen Friend.

May 30, 1969 - Guest: singer Harry Hibbs. Highlights: "Sweet Sixteen" (Harry), "Spread a Little Sunshine," "There Goes My Everything" (Marg), "That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone" (Charlie), "When I Was Twenty-One" (Johnny)

Jun 13, 1969 - Guests: the singing Fogarty Family. Highlights: "Ride, Ride, Ride," "The Waltz You Saved for Me" (Fogartys); "He's My Dad" (Johnny); "Dear Hearts and Gentle People," "Evening Prayer" (Marg, Charlie).

Oct 27, 1972 - Guest: singer Catherine McKinnon. Highlights: "Plaisir d'Amour," "Fair and Tender Ladies" (Catherine), "There's No Song Like an Irish Song" (Charlie), "The Ghost of Bras d'Or" (Johnny), "Put Your Hand in the Hand" (Catherine, Marg).

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