Don Messer's Jubilee (Series) (1959-1973)

Aka: Jubilee; Don Messer

Don Messer's Jubilee
Don Messer's Jubilee appeared on the CBC in the same time slot for virtually an entire decade, and became one of the most beloved programs CBC television has ever produced. It presented a selection of old-time, country, and Maritime-flavoured folk music, and gained the loyalty that characterizes audiences of traditional, country music.

After CBC cancelled the show in 1969, the show was produced for syndication by private station CHCH-TV and aired until 1973 on CBC affiliates in St. John, Kingston, Peterborough, Wingham and London, and by CTV affiliates in Halifax, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

Don Messer....Host / Fiddler
Ray Calder
Charlie Chamberlain....Singer
Johnny Forrest
Cec MacEachern
Warren MacRae
Catherine McKinnon
Waldo Murdo
Duke Nielsen
Marg Osburne....Singer
Rae Simmons
Don Tremaine .... Announcer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user arviat83, June 2, 2010
Being from the Maritimes, this show was a mainstay for our family. My parents told the story of the parish priest coming over to watch the show when it first came on the TV (our family had one of the first TVs in the community). An icon of early TV Canadiana!
I remember watching Don Messer as a kid. Loved his show. I thought the drummer was fantastic & and Catherine Mckinnon knew how to belt out a song. I wish I knew where to get Don's DVD's.
My family never missed one of his shows from what I remember.
Don Messer was a household name in Canada long before most of these shows aired.
He was a top notch talent, and the show highlighted a lot of other world class Canadian talent. It seemed quite a bit of that talent was from the Maritimes.
I still remember Marg Osbourne ( I still have one of her LP's though in a little rough shape), Charlie Chamberlain, Fred McKinnon (I use to have one of his L.P.'s and I loved it), and of course the beautiful Catherine McKinnon.
These shows will always be a shining example of some of the best of Canadian musical talent from that time period.

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