Dog City (Series) (1992-1994)

Aka: Jim Henson's Dog City

Dog City
Get ready to jump through a few hoops - this is the hot-diggety-dog show to watch. Combining the puppet mastery of Jim Henson Productions with the high-energy cartoon craziness of Nelvana's animation, this series revolves around the tail-wagging adventures of Ace Hart, Private-Eye canine in the dog-eat-dog world of his live-action puppet creator, Eliot Shag. While Ace Hart solves crimes perpetrated by a dog pound of felons including The Baron Von Rottweiler, Kitty Litter and the Dogfather of crime, Bugsy Vile, Eliot Shag works on a paw-full of cartoon shorts like "Yves and Steven," "The Adventures of Mister Moogie" and "Quality Time with Rosie and Dot." The result is a mixed breed of animated antics and cartooning styles, and an inventive, behind-the-scenes look at how cartoons are conceived and produced.

Ron White .... Ace Hart (voice)
Elizabeth Hanna .... Rosie (voice)
Stuart Stone .... Eddie (voice)
John Stocker .... Bugsy (voice)
James Rankin .... Frisky (voice)
Howard Jerome .... Bruiser (voice)
Paulina Gillis .... Kitty (voice)
Stephen Ouimette .... Mad Dog/Baron Rotweiler (voice)
Kevin Clash .... Eliot Shag (voice)
Joey Mazzarino .... Artie (voice)
Fran Brill .... Colleen (1992-1993)/Terri (1993-1995) (voice)
Brian Muehl .... Bruno (voice)
David Rudman .... Bowser (voice)
Lisa Buckley .... Ms. Fluffe' (voice)
Martin P. Robinson .... Additional Muppet Performer
Jim Martin .... Additional Muppet Performer
Noel McNeal .... Additional Muppet Performer
Carmen Osbahr .... Additional Muppet Performer
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